Approved and licensed by the Ministry of Justice, The Neill Group provides asset tracing and recovery services to a growing number of New Zealand’s reputable financial and lending institutions. The Neill Group’s licensed repossession agents have decades of experience recovering commercial assets, motor vehicles, industrial equipment, private aircraft and marine vessels. 

Searching for a Wellington or New Zealand Repossession Agent? The Neill Group’s licensed repossession agents have 30 years of experience successfully tracing and recovering assets in the Wellington region and throughout New Zealand. The Neill Group’s asset recovery team can also assist you with your asset tracing and repossession requirements on a national basis.

Throughout New Zealand, commercial entities, public organisations, government agencies and private clients utilise The Neill Group’s high level of expertise and proven track record of providing specialised services and bespoke solutions with the geographical reach that few can match. 

Repossession Agents & Asset Recovery Specialists

In New Zealand, all repossession agents are now required to be certified and licensed under the Private Security Personnel & Private Investigators Act 2010 and to ensure compliance with the Credit Contracts & Consumer Finance Amendment Act 2014. All repossession agents and asset recovery specialists engaged by The Neill Group are certified and licensed to comply with current legislation. 

Our licensed repossessions agents in Wellington and throughout New Zealand are familiar with the repossession process as well as the legal requirements relating to the repossession of assets, goods and motor vehicles subject to a finance agreement or credit contract.

When a finance company or lending institution holds a security interest in an asset and the debtor stops paying, they are then within their rights to recover the asset. However, going about the recovery process without any unnecessary complications or legal issues requires competent, experienced and licensed repossession agents.

It’s important to ensure your chosen repossession agent or repossession agency has the correct licensing requirements to conduct repossession activities lawfully. If the situation is handled incorrectly, things can escalate quickly and may result in legal disputes, trespass or breaches of privacy.

Achieving full closure to a situation may require the final steps of asset or property recovery. This can be straight-forward, where the individuals and item of property may be easily found and repossessed. In some situations, additional steps may be required to locate the individual or the asset. 

In situations where the owner of an asset, such as a motor vehicle, becomes disagreeable, our licensed repossession agents are trained to handle the situation professionally and assertively. Our professionals are knowledgeable enough to overcome objections and explain the situation clearly and with professionalism.

Our nationwide repossession services, include, but are not limited to:

· Recovery of Hidden Assets

· Repossessions (including multiple locations)

· Communicating with Aggressive Debtors

· Negotiating Payment Arrangements

· Field Visits

· Confirming Addresses

· Verifying Financial Data

· Inspecting Assets and Secured Property

Our licensed repossession agents and field agents have experience negotiating with people who have deliberately concealed assets or property, we often carry out field visits to confirm addresses, our field visits often result in the successful negotiation of a payment arrangement. We are highly experienced, professional and responsive with the ability to manage any situation.

Please note: The Neill Group will not engage in repossession or asset recovery assignments for private individuals or third tier lenders. The Neill Group will NOT repossess chattels or personal property that are subject to security or listed on a consumer’s finance agreement or contract.  

Operational Resources

Our repossession agents are also licensed, experienced and qualified to offer other related professional services, including: tracing, process serving (service of legal documents), specialised security, private investigation and risk management services. The Neill Group has excellent working relationships with tow company’s, heavy haulage transport operators, crane operators, locksmiths and salvage firms.


         Spa pool repossession in Wellington using a crane, traffic control and transporter