The Neill Group are committed to a high level of ethical and professional standards to ensure the integrity of our agents and organisation. Our governance includes an established code of professional ethics which outlines our expectations. Strict adherence to the code and supporting policies is a condition to working with us, all of our agents must act with integrity, professionalism and impartiality without exception. 

The Neill Group are also governed by the code of ethics of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Investigators Incorporated (NZIPI), the code states:

  • We shall perform our professional duties in accordance with the laws of New Zealand with the highest moral principles and with truthfulness and integrity.
  • We will take every care to ensure the professional reputation of the institute, members and principals are not compromised.
  • We will be diligent and competent in performing our professional responsibilities and will when properly called upon by the institutes ethics committee be prepared to assist in any investigation of our actions as they might reflect on the Institute’s reputation, ethics and objectives.

The Neill Group also complies with the requirements of the New Zealand Private Security Personnel and Private Investigators Act 2010 by ensuring our contracted agents and contractors throughout New Zealand are licensed by the Ministry of Justice.