The Neill Group provides field based services in the Wellington region and throughout New Zealand using a network of highly experienced nationwide field agents. A personal visit by a field agent has proven to be an effective way to re-engage with your debtors and to ensure compliance of contractual obligations

The Neill Group are engaged by clients in the commercial, government and private sectors to engage people who are more likely to respond better to a personal field visit from one of The Neill Group’s highly experienced and savvy field agents.

Searching for a Wellington or New Zealand Field Agent? The Neill Group has established an exceptional reputation with over 30 years of experience as New Zealand’s most professional field agent providers servicing the Wellington region and throughout New Zealand.

With over 30 years of experience and a commitment to compliance, brand protection and continuous people, process and technological development, The Neill Group has become the premier provider of field agent services to the legal, finance, government and private sectors.

The provision of services to such a diverse range of market demands that our agents possess industry specific skill sets, work ethic and flexibility that best serves our clients unique requirements. The Neill Group prides itself on technical excellence, regulatory compliance and outstanding results driven service that is second to none!

The Neill Group offers a comprehensive range of field services, including, but not limited to:  

  • Document Serving (Legal Process Serving)  
  • Field Agent Visits  
  • Motor Vehicle Repossessions  
  • Asset Trace & Recovery
  • Skip Tracing  
  • Court Filing  
  • Home Examinations  
  • Address Verification  
  • Stock Audits  
  • Floor Plan Audits (Motor Vehicle Industry)  
  • Negotiations  
  • Private Investigations  
  • Compliance Checks  
  • Background Inquiries  
  • Financial Verification  
  • Property Inspections  
  • Landlord Representation  
  • Security Evaluations  
  • Asset Verification 
  • Utility Company Visits  
  • Mediation  
  • Debtor Interviews  
  • Payment Arrangements  
  • Dispute Resolutions

Field Visits – Wellington & Nationwide

In some cases, clients or debtors are unable to be contacted by telephone or post, the best solution is a personal visit to their last known address or a discreet visit to their workplace. A key to our field agent service is a structured process that deploys professional and personable “street savvy” field agents with commonsense and negotiation skills.

Field visits are a powerful tool when assessing an individuals circumstances and the potential for debt recovery, collecting payments, or simply making informed decision based on accurate information.

Field visits are also a valuable means of determining the condition, registration and insurance status and location of a secured asset, making demand for payment, or for establishing or verifying essential information such as place of residence, occupation, asset and liability status and insurance information.

The Neill Group’s nationwide field services team are training in conducting interviews and pre-disconnection discussions, and in negotiating payment arrangements or settlements based on parameters set by clients, together with overall financial position of the debtor.

Comprehensive written and photographic reports and provided to aid informed decision making, while maintaining our adherence to absolute regulatory compliance at all times. 

The Neill Group also provides a comprehensive services from private investigations and specialised security to process serving and risk management. The Neill Group deploys only certified and licensed private investigators, process servers and security specialists to service the greater Wellington region and throughout New Zealand.

A number of our field agents are former members of the New Zealand police or military with many years of experience working with sensitive personal issues and more complex matters that require professionalism and diplomacy. Our firm but fair approach provides positive results, we ensure your brand, company or organisation are positively represented by our field agents at all times. 

Throughout New Zealand and worldwide, commercial entities, public organisations, government agencies and private clients utilise The Neill Group’s high level of expertise and proven track record in providing specialised services and bespoke solutions across a broad range of functions with the geographical reach that few can match.