The Neill Group offers a range of para-legal support services, including: tracing, interviewing, process serving (service of legal documents), background checks, property searches, forensic examinations and handwriting analysis.

A number of our para-legal specialists are also licensed private investigators with a knowledge of the New Zealand legal process, crimes act and related legislation. The Neill Group assists legal counsel and law firms with reviewing disclosures, case documents and prosecution evidence.

Our licensed private investigators can carry out detailed background inquiries on defendants, witnesses and other people of interest who are involved in legal proceedings. We can prepare and present evidence for disputes tribunal cases along with district, family and high court proceedings.

Throughout New Zealand and worldwide, commercial entities, public organisations, government agencies and private clients utilise The Neill Group’s high level of expertise and proven track record of providing specialised services and bespoke solutions across a broad range of functions with the geographical reach that few can match.