The Neill Group provides commercial and private investigation services with a network of licensed private investigators, fraud examiners, surveillance operatives and forensic specialists in the Wellington region and throughout New Zealand. The Neill Group engages only qualified and licensed private investigators to provide a highly intelligent approach to all investigation assignments. 

The Neill Group detects and investigates a wide range of concerns for Wellington and New Zealand business owners, government agencies and the corporate sector including suspected theft and complex fraud matters by employees, contractors or people in position of trust.

Searching for a Wellington or New Zealand Private Investigator? The Neill Group is the market leader in Wellington with a strategic network of licensed private investigators throughout New Zealand. The Neill Group private investigation division can assist you anywhere, anytime.

A Private Investigator is commonly referred to as a Private Detective or P.I., licensed private investigators provide support for civil and criminal matters along with sensitive personal assignments for private individuals and a comprehensive range of investigation services for commercial clients, corporate entities, law enforcement agencies and government departments.

The Neill Group also provides a personal or private investigation service, we reveal the truth and the hard facts for infidelity related investigations (suspected cheating partners) when clients suspect their partners are not being faithful in their relationship. 

In New Zealand, you must be certified and licensed as a Private Investigator by the Ministry of Justice to carry out private investigation type activities including surveillance, intelligence gathering, background inquiries and undercover operations.  

The Neill Group commercial and private investigation services include, but are not limited to:

Criminal Defence 

While all criminal cases do not require the services of a licensed private investigator, in cases that do, the private investigator often becomes one of the most important members of the legal defence team. A private investigator employed by the defence team performs specific tasks in order to prepare an effective defence against criminal charges. 

A private investigator will review the police investigation and if required, interview witnesses to discover if there are changes in their statements and to establish if there are any new leads of inquiry. As licensed private investigators, we are qualified to assist you with all types of civil and criminal investigations. 

Background Checks

If you have any doubts or concerns, before you make a major personal, business or financial commitment, you should consider a discreet background check by a licensed private investigator. The background check will confirm the identity of the individual, criminal history, insolvency information and the ownership of assets.

In a personal matter, a background check may determine if your potential partner is really who they say they are? Have they ever been married, or are they still married? While some people believe it’s easy to just search and check a person’s name on ‘Google’ or the internet to find out more about them, that is simply not enough. If you are in doubt or have a suspicion, we can help to uncover the facts. 

Pre-Employment Screening

High staff turnover, unsuitable employees and dishonest staff can ultimately cost your company or organisation thousands of dollars in time, money and resources. That’s why it’s important you recruit the right person from the very beginning.

While it is likely that your candidates are presenting themselves honestly, a simple discreet background check by The Neill Group will help you identify any possible dishonest history, inconsistencies or a pattern of behaviours that are not aligned with your best interests. 

Mystery Customer Audits

The Neill Group can provide a nationwide mystery customer programme designed for the commercial and retail sectors. We can covertly audit the communication, compliance and integrity of your customer facing staff. Our mystery customer visits have been known to identify potential areas of loss and risk to your business.

Contact us for more information on how we can help minimise the risk to your retail business or commercial premises.

Contract Compliance 

The Neill Group investigates employees and contractors who might be in breach of employment or commercial contracts. Our team can seek and recover evidence in relation to a restraint of trade, IP protection, nefarious contact with competitors and any other activities which may compromise the integrity of your business, organisation or brand.

Skip Tracing

We can help to find the missing pieces, the Internet is a useful tool for locating people, however, it’s limiting and often provides incorrect or historic information. Our confidential informants and information sources provide lines of inquiry that result in a positive search for missing relatives, debtors, witnesses, defendants, birth parents, siblings, partners and friends. 

The Neill Group work closely with the media, legal firms, enforcement agencies, financial institutions and private individuals who are seeking to locate a person of interest. The Neill Group’s tracing specialists carry out extensive inquiries to locate anyone, anywhere in the world with a high degree of success. 

Identity Verification

Online dating has changed the way people meet, no longer are face to face meetings necessary to kindle a relationship. But what happens if the person behind the computer screen is not the person they say they are? Online dating scams and related internet fraud is very common, anyone can be targeted.

Looking for a relationship online? A search to connect with someone for a relationship can make you more vulnerable than usual and as a result, these emotions are used by offenders to access your private life including your bank account and personal property. 

We highly recommend verifying a person’s identity prior to investing in any online or physical relationship – it’s important to protect yourself online and minimise the risk of being victim to a dating or online scam. 

Trade Mark & Intellectual Property Inquiries 

We are contracted by our associates, law firms and patent attorneys to investigate breaches of branding, international copyright and trade mark patents along with the unauthorised use of brands, logos and the theft of intellectual property.

We have carried out extensive private investigations for some of the world’s leading brands and company’s, including: Adidas, Armani, Nike, Playboy and Sony PlayStation along with licence holders of official sports merchandise and movie memorabilia. 

The evidence and supporting inquiries carried out by our team has been used for a number of high profile prosecutions in New Zealand. As a result of our investigations, we served legal process and traced, seized and destroyed counterfeit products under a court order using documentation provided by our clients legal representatives.

Relationship Inquiries 

If you feel that you are being cheated on, the odds are, you are correct! You don’t however want to make a life changing decision without knowing the facts. We will take the time to discuss your situation with you – we know the signs and look forward to helping you decide if employing a private investigator is the best option for you.

If you want to test the honesty of your partner, a “honey trap” will present them with an opportunity they may accept or reject. We are experts in facilitating covert operations that will provide the answers you are seeking and peace of mind. Many people have obtained useful information about their partner on their own, but were unable to use the information because of how it was obtained.

Not only does employing a licensed private investigator help to minimise the risk of information being dismissed during the legal process – in most cases licensed private investigators are permitted to give evidence on your behalf.

Child Custody 

We use best practice surveillance methods to determine what happens when a parent is with the child. We can document any abuse or neglect that we observe and we can gather other evidence that suggests whether the child is being treated well or not.

Additionally, we may speak to witnesses or may solicit witnesses for the court on behalf of the parents. We can find out whether a parent indulges in reckless driving, criminal activity, alcoholism, neglect, or other activities that may affect a child’s welfare and well being. Based on the information and evidence gathered, parents and courts can determine what to do to ensure the child safety.

A licensed private investigators findings always have more credence in court than a parents accusations, so if you have any suspicions, a licensed private investigator is essential. There are many reasons why parents turn to a licensed private investigator to safeguard their child, usually they will have suspicions about their child’s welfare or safety.

Unfortunately statistics have proven that a child is most likely to be abused or neglected by those who are closest to them, including their parents. In a divorce case, however, suspicions may not be taken at face value. In general, you will need very specific and quality evidence to prove that a spouse or former partner may be a danger to the child.

A licensed private investigator can help provide the evidence that can allow you to save your child from harm.

A licensed private investigator can help to determine whether a child is being neglected or abused. If abuse or neglect is not a factor, parents can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their children are safe and secure. In child custody hearings and divorce cases, one parent will sometimes make false accusations in order to limit another parents access to their child.

A licensed private investigator can help gather evidence of proper conduct to ensure that you have custody rights and time with your child.

Drug Investigations

Do you suspect your child or partner maybe using drugs? Did you know that if drugs are used on your property, you can also be liable for their criminal activity? Drug abuse is known to lead to other forms of criminal activity, our discreet drug related investigations can help find the answers.

If you suspect illegal substances are on your premises, our contracted drug testing agency can help. We have developed alliances with drug testing agencies that visit your workplace, event, school or tertiary institution. We can also provide specialist drug dog handlers, these specialist dog teams can also act as a strong deterrent.

Abuse Investigations

Is someone in your life a possible victim of physical or psychological abuse? Our licensed private investigators can provide evidence to help protect you and your loved ones. The factual evidence provided by our highly experience and trained licensed private investigators is often used for the basis of a complaint to police or for legal and prosecution purposes.

Insurance Investigations 

Income replacement and total permanent disablement insurance claims can amount to substantial sums which sometimes require validation prior to payment to ensure correct entitlement is not being abused.

We have decades of experience investigating property and motor vehicle insurance claims for a number of New Zealand’s leading insurance company’s. We have worked with government (ACC) and private insurance company’s both within New Zealand and internationally to confirm the validity of personal injury and disability claims.

We carry out a range of investigative activities including factual inquiries, claimant interviews and surveillance for insurance industry clients. 

Our team of licensed private investigators have developed a process whereby these matters can be accurately assessed without damage to your organisation or brand. Employers, claims adjusters, third party administrators, and self-insurers use our investigation services to assist in identifying and proving fraudulent claims.

Our detailed reports are easy to read and accurately reflect our professional effort and surveillance results. Our licensed private investigators are highly skilled and can legally conduct covert physical surveillance nationwide, anytime and in virtually any type of environment.

We use technology such as night-vision generation 3 lenses, GPS, wireless video-recording systems and other electronics, we can often overcome the most challenging conditions and capture video or still photography essential to proving dishonesty and criminal offending.

Theft & Fraud Investigations

The team of licensed private investigators and contracted certified fraud examiners at The Neill Group have decades of experience detecting and investigating fraud and theft for New Zealand business, government agencies and private individuals.

The Neill Group conducts internal disciplinary investigations on behalf of organisations and maintains strict adherence to all relevant corporate, legal and regulatory guidelines relating to the conduct of internal investigations, including, the principals of natural justice and confidentiality.

Fraud is a worldwide concern with an estimated cost to New Zealand business and government agencies estimated at $6 billion a year. Fraud can occur in any business no matter its size. Fraud inside a business or organisation frequently occurs through poor internal controls and processes, this allows a window of opportunity for people in positions of trust and responsibility to carry out offending such as theft or fraud. 

At The Neill Group, we know fraud can damage a company or organisations reputation, brand and culture. Sometimes workplace issues have reached a point where they require an initial inquiry or a extensive formal investigation as part of your internal disciplinary process.

Finding the individuals responsible for a theft is only the first step; putting in place the remedial processes and policies following the incident is our ongoing commitment to protecting your long term interests. Our licensed private investigators regularly assist organisations to efficiently resolve internal investigation and disciplinary related issues to a range of dishonesty offending including fraud and theft.

The Neill Group can help you to respond professionally and with an independent perspective. The most common form of criminal activity experienced in any workplace is occurances of theft or fraud. If you suspect these activities are occurring within your business or organisation, it’s important to have it professionally investigated before you suffer any further loss.


It is important for everyone to understand that surveillance is both legal and ethical. Our organisation, like the vast majority of licensed New Zealand private investigators, we will only conduct surveillance for a legitimate purpose and in a legal manner. 

Surveillance is a powerful tool used in investigations where evidence is obtained in order to secure prosecutions – substantial intelligence is often gained from these convert operations. We can provide a surveillance operative with over 30 years of experience in providing surveillance services to support commercial and private investigations.

The surveillance operative can conduct surveillance to assist the protection team in identifying any unwanted attention against the client and/or their interests. The current measures of surveillance and intelligence gathering include insurance claimant surveillance, domestic related surveillance and employee surveillance for workplace theft or fraud related investigations.

Our trained and highly experienced surveillance operatives can help to ensure that you know what is happening in your home, business or personal life.

Surveillance is conducted to obtain evidence of a crime, to locate property, to identify a person, to observe activity in an area, to document evidence and to gather intelligence that will with stand the rigors of a judicial proceeding.

Our licensed private investigators possess significant expertise in the area of discrete photographic and video surveillance and conduct all activities to the highest level of professional and ethical standards.

Loss Prevention

The handling of product and stock – both in retail and distribution – generally operates with an acceptable shrinkage percentage to allow for losses incurred through internal and external factors such as damage, breakages, faults and theft.

The Neill Group can analyse stock variations over a period of time to understand the nature of these losses. Often, many of these losses are caused by data entry or coding errors, and can be reduced through the introduction of improved internal processes. Once stock is accurately accounted for, the true extent of fraud or theft can be established.

If you believe fraud or theft might be occurring within your business, The Neill Group can use investigative methods to identify the people responsible. The Neill Group can provide detailed advice on the safety and accurate management of your stock, to ensure no further losses occur. The Neill Group has worked with a number of clients to provide security and loss-prevention solutions.

Undercover (Covert) Operations

The Neill Group has access to highly trained and experienced undercover agents also known as covert operatives sourced exclusively from specialist teams of the police and security intelligence service (SIS). Our undercover agents are commonly used inside a business or organisation to detect theft, fraud, unexplained loss and criminal offending. Undercover operations successfully reveal other activities including the use of alcohol, drugs and cases of workplace bullying.

Our undercover agents work alongside our licensed private investigators to gather evidence that can be used for criminal prosecution and civil recovery or litigation. A number of our contracted private investigators are former police officers and detectives with extensive experience using modern investigative techniques using the latest technology.

Throughout New Zealand and worldwide, commercial entities, public organisations, government agencies and private clients utilise The Neill Group’s high level of expertise with a proven track record of providing specialised services and bespoke solutions across a broad range of functions with the geographical reach that few can match. 

The Neill Group assists with: 
– Infidelity Investigations (suspected dishonesty in a personal relationship)
– Investigations of Physical or Psychological Abuse 

– Intellectual Property Inquiries (Trademark, Copyright & Patents)
– Service of Documents and Legal Process (Process Serving)
– Commercial Due Diligence
– Harassment Investigations
– Identity Vetting & Background Verfications
– Employee Screening
– Theft Investigations
– Fraud & Dishonesty Investigations
– Insurance Investigations (property, vehicle, accident & disability claims)
– Management of Kidnapping, Ransom & Extortion Threats
– Locating Missing Persons, Defendants, Witnesses & Debtors
– Malicious Property Damage Investigations 

– Investigation of Activities by Children & Young People (e.g. suspected drug use, cyber bullying, sexual abuse, physical or psychological abuse & predatory type activity)
– Workplace & Employee Theft Investigations
– Undercover Operations
– Covert Surveillance (Static, Mobile & Electronic) 

– Detection of Hidden Cameras & Listening Devices