The Neill Group are New Zealand’s leading document serving and legal support agency with over 30 years of experience serving legal process in the Wellington region and throughout New Zealand. The Neill Group serves district court, high court and family court proceedings along with dissolution of marriage, trespass notices, subpoenas, summonses, international legal process and time-critical documents.

The Neill Group’s process serving and document serving division operates on the two principles of speed and professionalism. With the most advanced live online technology available, clients can now monitor every step of the document service through it’s entire service cycle with a live online tracking system that enhances efficiency and accurately reports all activities relating to the assignment.

Searching for a Wellington or New Zealand Process Server? The Neill Group has over 30 years of experience serving legal process, court proceedings and documents across the greater Wellington region and throughout New Zealand.

The Neill Group are members of a professional worldwide process servers alliance, this allows The Neill Group to provide a seamless international document service for legal or private clients anywhere in the world. 

The Neill Group also provides a range of commercial and private investigation services, including skip tracing and covert surveillance to assist in locating evasive defendants, witnesses, debtors, family members and other “people of interest”.

The Neill Group provides extensive process serving and document serving in Wellington and nationwide with a growing number of corporate and legal clients choosing The Neill Group as a preferred business partner for their document serving, process serving, tracing and private investigation requirements from Kaitaia to Bluff.

Why us?

Dion Neill is the founder and principal of The Neill Group, Dion served his first legal document in 1986 on behalf of the Wellington City Council and is considered one of New Zealand’s most experienced process servers, licensed private investigators, field agents and security experts.

The Neill Group was established by Dion Neill for the express purpose of providing a comprehensive range of professional security, risk management, private investigation, para-legal support and field based services in Wellington with the cability to service nationally or internationally, on request.

Over three decades later, The Neill Group’s highly experienced network of nationwide document servers have served hundreds of legal documents throughout the greater Wellington region and across New Zealand.

The Neill Group incorporates several business units and operational divisions, including: RapidServe, Accredited Process Servers, Wellington Process Servers, New Zealand Process Servers, Protective Services and the Wellington Investigation Group. 

The Neill Group provides a seamless nationwide service to clients utilising a strategic network of highly experienced, trained and skilled process servers, private investigators, field agents and security specialists throughout New Zealand.

The widespread nature of our agents and associates, along with the enormous quantity of field assignments undertaken has resulted in The Neill Group having both a detailed knowledge of local geography and an extensive knowledge of the defendants who are subject to legal proceedings.

Often defendants appear in our system as “repeat offenders” and some recipients are known to us as habitual debtors, our insight gives us an enormously beneficial edge in carrying out your instructions with a high level of efficiency using decades of gathered intelligence.

The serving of legal process can prove challenging when the defendant is unwilling to do so and is actively avoiding service of process. When this is he case, employing a professionally licensed and experienced process server is the best option to ensure the defendant is effectively traced and served. 

We consider all documents to be urgent and unlike many of our competitors, we do not charge an urgent document fee. We guarantee the first attempt of serve will be within 24 hours of receiving your documents, The Neill Group are well known for it’s same day service from the greater Wellington region to the Kapiti area and across to the Wairarapa district.

Servicing New Zealand and international legal firms, private individuals, government agencies and the corporate market since 1987 has given The Neill Group the experience needed to provide the highest level of service and provides clients with a number of key benefits, including: 

  • Established network of process servers ensures your documents can be served anywhere in New Zealand  
  • Licensed process servers who serve your documents in accordance with recognised best practice 
  • Members of a global process serving alliance – The Neill Group serves documents worldwide
  • The Neill Group has the ability to serve your documents across New Zealand within 24 hours
  • Transparent and highly competitive fee structure – no hidden costs
  • Over 90% of our nationwide process servers are licensed as private investigators with a police, para-legal or military background 

Fee Structure – Wellington & Nationwide

We charge per recipient not per attempt of service, our rates are highly competitive and reflect our 30 years of experience serving recipients with legal process and documents in the greater Wellington region and throughout New Zealand.

The Neill Group serves documents, legal process and divorce proceedings (dissolution of marriage) in every region of New Zealand from Kaitaia to Bluff. New Zealand’s rural areas are also serviced by our process servers with time and mileage charged in addition to our standard fees. 

The Neill Group offers highly competitive rates based on monthly volumes or when we act as your Wellington agents on a sub-contract basis for other New Zealand licensed private investigators, process servers and field service providers, please contact us for more information on our agency rates and areas of service. 

What is a Process Server?

A process server is a server of legal process (court proceedings and related legal documents) who is authorised to serve the proceedings on a recipient, defendant, witness or any individual, company or entity named in New Zealand or international court proceedings.

In New Zealand, process servers also often work as licensed private investigators and have a para-legal or law enforcement background. According to the legal process, all parties must be notified by personal service when subject to legal proceedings that has been processed through the court system. 

The notification of these proceedings is called the ‘service of process’ and is achieved by delivering the notice of legal proceedings, court documents and other important information relating to a legal matter by a process server. 

The process server is required to serve the legal documents in accordance with the relevant legislation. This means, identifying the individual or parties concerned and personally delivering the documents. If service is refused, the documents can be left at the defendants feet or left in clear view of the defendant, they are then formally served in accordance with the requirements of the courts.

Orders for substituted service will be granted on application by the court when it’s proven to be impossible to personally serve the individual in the usual manner, this typically occurs when the individual actively avoids service or cannot be located.

Once the order is granted, service can then be made by serving a family member, friend, business associate, occupant of the address and/or advertising the matter in the public notices column of a national newspaper or on social networking websites. In 2009, the New Zealand High Court ruled that substituted service can be effectively served on a defendant or other party via Facebook.

Posting on a recipient’s Facebook page is a permissible means of substituted service if evidence establishes that the Facebook page is, in fact, that of the person to be served and the posting is most likely to come to that person’s attention (reference: CIV-2008-485-2676, High Court Wellington, 16 March 2009, Gendall AJ). 

Our highly experienced process servers in Wellington and throughout New Zealand serve legal process for government departments, law enforcement agencies, legal firms, debt collection company’s and private individuals.

The Neill Group has over three decades of experience serving New Zealand and international legal proceedings, along with dissolution of marriage and other documents, including:

  • Property Law Act Notices
  • Statutory Demand Notices
  • Trespass Notices
  • Insolvency Documents
  • Witness Summons
  • Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce Proceedings)
  • Protection Orders
  • Court Enforced Judgments
  • Orders for Examination
  • Subpoenas
  • District Court Proceedings
  • High Court Proceedings
  • Appeal Court Proceedings
  • Employment Matters
  • Family Court Orders
  • Infringement Notices
  • Property Eviction Notices
  • Disconnection Notices
  • International Legal Documents
  • Employment Related Letters
  • Sensitive Personal Documents