You are most welcome to download the trespass notice forms and the forms relating to divorce proceedings. We recommend that you check to ensure that you are using the correct version of the forms or seek further information from your legal representative or the Department of Justice.

New Zealand Trespass Notices

The occupier of a property can use the Trespass Notice template form to serve a “Trespass Notice” on any individual, print two copies – one to serve on them, and the other to keep, with details about how you served the Trespass Notice on them.

To download the trespass notice, just follow this link:

“Occupier” is defined as any person in lawful occupation of that place or land; and includes any employee or other person acting under the authority of any person in lawful occupation of that place or land. The completed Trespass Notice can be served by the occupier or an agent of the occupier with the occupier’s authority.

Section 5 of the Trespass Act 1980 says that Trespass Notices “shall be given to the individual concerned either orally, or by notice in writing delivered to [the individual concerned] or sent to [the individual concerned] by post in a registered letter at [that person’s] usual place of abode in New Zealand.”

It is recommended that the Trespass Notice be served personally on the individual concerned by a process server rather than by registered post. This should minimise later disputes over whether the person was aware of the notice.

Rule 219 of the District Courts Rules 1992 provides some guidance on what personal serving involves. It says personally serving a Trespass Notice may be effected “by leaving the document with the person to be served, or, if that person does not accept it, by putting it down in that person’s presence and bringing it to that person’s attention”‘.

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Links to forms relating to New Zealand divorce proceedings: